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With the spirit of keeping alive the artistic and bohemian essence that has characterized Hotel Fenix and with the intention of promoting the career of artists in order to enrich the array of cultural activities in Guadalajara, we’ve launched the Artist Residencies program.This program provides the artist with accommodation, food and work materials while in return the artist acknowledges the received support with artwork and knowledge.

All this is complemented with a variety of events, such as workshops, concerts, bazaars and art expositions.



Agustin Ramirez “Panelas” is a designer, illustrator and vocalist of the local hardcore band “Clan Trevi-Andrade”, who has promoted three editions of the fanzine festival “Zin Futuro”.His work is oriented toward the integration of esthetic elements of the Mexican pop culture and the pop language of a modern and globalized world. The result, which is close to the cartoons and naïf art (naïve), is playful and will enrich the experience of those travelers that visit some of the multiple spaces in Fenix Beds where he has intervened.



Alan Piper

Alan undertook the creation of the murals inside the bedrooms and some common spaces in Fenix Beds. With a notorious inspiration from cartoons and pop art, Alan usually works with simple color palettes: whites, blacks and greys remain as the main stars while the rest of the colors get a secondary and minimum role.

The proper management of textures and the smart use of spaces will optimize the experience of each traveler, who will not only visit a beautiful city but also will inhabit a surrealist scene, full of joy, fantastic animals, imprecise vegetation and impossible landscapes.


Sebastián Escalante:

Sebastian Escalante is a Colombian tattoo artist and jeweler. As a tattoo artist he dominates the stick ‘n poke technique and has a catalogue of flash tattoos where the appropriation of details from art pieces of Bosco, Francisco de Zubaran and other classic painters stands out.

He was one of the forty five artists that were invited to participate in Dolor Local: Estrella y Trampa, the bazaar held in Hotel Fenix, since he integrates his proposals to the catalogue of flash tattoos, as well as a stand where he sold his jewelry. Additionally, he created a mural in one of the rooms of Fenix Beds.


Gibrán Turón

One of the minds behind @dolorlocal, Gibran is also a young and prolific artist from Tepic, Nayarit. With a strong influence from graphic novels and Mexican folklore, Gibran’s style stands out because of its originality.

The activities of Gibran throughout his Residence included the organization of “Dolor Local”, a bazaar that integrates art, illustration, tattoos, music and many other activities; likewise, he collaborated in two workshops and also with his own artistic project “Estrella y Trampa”, which consists of the growth of illustrations previously made.


Sara Cervantes

A plastic arts graduate from the University of Guadalajara, she has participated for the last five years in several collective exhibitions: Galeria Ajolote’s “Originales Multiples” (2014), the CUCSH’s “Grafica Emergente” (2015) and in the Guadalajara’s Alliance Française’s exhibition “Átelier d’hiver” (2016). She also participated in “Bajo Presion”, a project sponsored by the Secretariat of Culture of Jalisco through the “Proyecta” program.

During constant searches for new techniques and concepts, the artwork she developed in the Residence consisted of three acrylic paintings in large format which were focused on the exploration between the being and the urban spaces that have not been inhabited.


Los Calladitos:

Los Calladitos are a couple of muralists formed by Ari Galaz and Jorge Peralta, artists from the State of Mexico that live in San Miguel de Allende. Their style is characterized by a narrative that uses fable and fantasy as starting points and that almost every time has an endearing character, usually a giant or other fantastic figures, as a main idea.

Los Calladitos joined the Artist-in-Residence program through the Monumental Gallery, a projected held in alliance with the Patronato del Centro Historico de Guadalajara and that consisted in the creation of a gigantic vertical mural in one of the hotel’s exterior walls. The theme and style of the late Alejandro Rangel Hidalgo, artist from Colima and once an avid partner of Hotel Fenix, was taken into consideration.


Juan Diego

Juan Diego is a 22-year old self-taught artist from Guadalajara. His work is characterized by the philosophical exploration through the plastic and audiovisual language, focusing most of all on deepening into the perception of time, the space and the interaction between individuals and identities, addressing contexts both digital and real. One of the clearest features of his work is the free mix of techniques and formats.

Plus, he was the inaugural artist of our Artist-in-Residence program in which he created three large format artworks in mixed technique. These artworks explore the relationship between time and space according to some texts of Tomas de Aquino. He also created ten portraits of the staff and other audiovisual products.