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HOTEL FENIX CENTRO HISTORICO Guadalajara is pleased to welcome guests who wish to travel with their dog friend, where together they can enjoy a relaxing vacation in a pleasant atmosphere framed by the charming scenery of the Center and the first painting of Guadalajara.

The Pet-Lover® program has been specially created to provide a sophisticated service, with exclusive amenities and facilities suitable for the recreation of the dogs that visit the hotel.

The Pet-Lover® Pet Policy of Hotel Fénix is ​​governed exclusively by Mexican law, under a Dog Friendly concept (Only Dogs), so access to pets of other species is not allowed.

For legal purposes, only dogs trained to guide a person with visual disabilities or deaf-blind are considered service dogs, according to the General Law for the Inclusion of People with Disabilities, in force in Mexico, in its articles 16 and 17.

Fénix Guadalajara provides the following guidelines that safeguard security, order and civil liability:

1.The guest must notify in advance that he will travel with his dog. Dog stays are subject to availability and hotel confirmation is required prior to guest arrival.

2. For reasons of security and tranquility of the establishment, only dogs with a maximum weight of 10 kilos are allowed.

3. The stay of pets has an additional cost, which does not apply to guests who must travel with Guide Dogs, according to the initiative of the Law for the Use of Guide Dogs and Service Animals. Guests staying with their dog at HOTEL FENIX GUADALAJARA must pay the additional charge of $ 250 Mexican pesos per night.

4. Guests traveling with dogs for emotional support are subject to the additional charge in effect at the Hotel.

5. Dogs will be accepted upon request with prior confirmation from the hotel, allowing only one dog per room.

6. All guests must pay the current sanitation fee at the Hotel.

7. The dog must be in perfect conditions of cleanliness, health and protection to avoid causing any damage, annoyance, plague or disease. The dog's health must be accredited with a veterinary certificate and the vaccination card.

8. The owner must register their pet using the Pet-Lover® registration card, providing the name of the pet and signing the regulations and full responsibility for their pet.

9. From the moment you enter the property, the dog must be transported on a leash or in its travel basket through all areas of the Hotel.

10. It is essential that the owner carry sanitary bags to collect the dog's waste, as well as bottled water for both of them.

11. The owner must undertake not to disturb the tranquility of other guests.

12. The owner will be solely responsible for cleaning, collecting and disposing of his dog's feces, as well as respecting the places assigned for it.

13. In case of alteration of the tranquility of other guests, the Hotel management will inform the dog owner in a timely manner and in writing.

14. Restricted areas within the Hotel:

For security reasons, dogs are not allowed in categories with a balcony.
Restaurants (except the area assigned by the Captain of the restaurant).

15. Stay inside the room:

The dog may remain alone in the room for a maximum of 2 hours, and must be protected in its carrier.
When the dog must remain unsupervised longer, the owner must notify the Reception department.

Dogs cannot stay on the balcony or terrace of the rooms or suite for safety and security reasons.

16. Use of hotel towels and furniture:

The use of hotel towels to dry and clean the dog is prohibited.

The Doggy Concierge will provide towels intended for such use.

Dogs are not allowed to climb on the beds, sofas or armchairs and any furniture inside the Hotel. The owner will be responsible for paying for any damage, as well as damage to furniture, bedding, etc., hygiene problems beyond the usual cleaning of the room, excessive disorder and / or assault on someone.

17. The feeding and diet of the dog is the sole responsibility of the owner.

18. The owner of the dog denies HOTEL FENIX Guadalajara, as well as the Hotel collaborators, of any affectation to the pet caused by external and internal agents within the property, as well as by allergies or food reaction. You acknowledge that you are staying with your dog assuming full responsibility for its health, safety, sanitation, damages to the hotel and third parties.

19. The Dog Warning must be used in the room or suite for the precaution of the collaborators when entering it.

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